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Equipment & Facilities

Service Commitments

Working Area

Length of Repair Quay

Depth of Quay Zone

Number of Floating Docks

Number of Slipway

Outfitting pool

Numerical Control Plasma Cutting Machines

Numerical Control Flame Cutting Machines

Numerical Control Roll Machines


: 980,000 m2

: 2,430 meters

: 8~14 meters

: 5

: 2

: 250 meters Length and 80 meters Width

: 6 sets

: 5 sets

: 3 sets

"Jiang Shan" Floating Dock

LOA 330 M x Inner Breadth 53.5 M

Lifting Capacity 50,000 tons

Docking Draft 12 meters


"He Shan" Floating Dock 

LOA 285 M x Inner Breadth 48 M

Lifting Capacity 35,000 tons

Docking Draft 7 meters

"Heng Shan" Floating Dock

LOA 257 M x Inner Breadth 42 M

Lifting Capacity 26,000 tons

Docking Draft 7 meters

"Jin Shan" Floating Dock


LOA 265 M x Inner Breadth 40.8 M

Lifting Capacity 18,850 tons

Docking Draft 6.5 meters

"Chang Shan" Floating Dock


LOA 217 M x Inner Breadth 36.6 M

Lifting Capacity 13,000 tons

Docking Draft 5 meters

Steel Plate Pre-treating Line

Numeral Plasma Cutter


Steel Structure Shop

Secondary Coating Shop

Numeral Pipe Bender

Trolley in 150-ton

Traveling Crane in 120-ton

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