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Water-mist gritblasting Technology & Equipment” debuts in Chengxi Shipyard


Nowadays, we are faced with more requirements for environment-friendly, energy-efficient and eco-designed technologies and concentrate more on environment protection, which poses a huge challenge to the traditional coating application---gritblasting which has been widely used in ship repair. That’s because “the gritblasting” generates highconcentration of dust, causing serious pollution problems as well as negative influence on the occupational health of workers.
In response, Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd, as the “Five Star Shipyard” and top shipyard in domestic ship repair industries, takes initiative to fulfill the green concept by conducting related studies and projects. As early as in the year of 2007, the company and the HUALXIN subsidiary organized technical delegations to study from world famous companies, dedicated to the development, test and research of the eco-designed equipment and technologies featuring water-mist gritblasting hydroblasting etc.
Ten years’ efforts paid off in the year of 2017, and Chengxi made a breakthrough to develop water-mist gritblasting system and manufacture the first prototype, filling the gaps in the ship repair industries. In January of 2018, Chengxi Shipyard held a presentation and the results were highly thought of by world-famous paint companies including INTERNATIONALJOTUNHEMPELPPGCMPKCCNIPPEHILONG.
To maximize the green value of this technology and system, Chengxi Shipyard made full use of the proficiency and talent resource from the National Technology Center, organized related professional teams including R&D and Design Dept. to pool the wisdom for the trial-manufacturing, process planning, and solution optimization as the consultation and technology support. After developing the prototype, the company conducted a thorough program to verify its effects for further improvement. What’s more, the great breakthrough received the recognition of CSSC Group which focuses much on Green Manufacturing to list it as the important sub-project of the ENERGY EFFICIENT MANUFACTURING SYSTEM in the National Ministry of Industry and Informationand cooperates with related institutes and colleges to deliver more thorough optimization solution, issuing related standards and rules to promote in the ship repair industries.
The application to the ship repair demonstrates that the water-mist gritblasting & derusting equipment and technology performed remarkably especially in terms of reducing the dust in the gritblasting, recycling the grit, and automatically collecting & separating dust. By controlling the percentage of grit, mist and compressed air mixed and differential pressure of high precision, it produces even mist in continuous jet for derusting and removing the existing coating. The water-mist gritblasting equipment is capable of free switch between the procedures of water-mist blasting, water-mist washing and drycleaning etc . It has very high technical content, designed to be very environment-friendly, grit recyclable, and energy efficient.
Compared with the conventional gritblasting, the water-mist gritblasting can reduce the dust by more than 95 percent so as to prevent the hazard to the surrounding equipment, improve the working environment, and minimize the occurrence of occupational disease as well as the risk of safety hazard. For the gritblasting quality, the water-mist gritblasting can ensure that the roughness of the surface is at around 70μm, which is superior to hydroblasting. The salt content of the plate surface after water-mist gritblasting can reach upto 20mg/, much lower than the 120-250 mg/ by the conventional gritblasting, which efficiently improves the service life of the coating and ensures the bonding power without peeling problem, serving as a reliable guarantee for the subsequent coating and anti-corrosion effects to provide a clean surface. For the efficiency, the gritblasting performs upto two times better than hydroblasting, and upto seventy percent of conventional gritblasting to meet the ship repair period requirement. For the technical standards, proper measures taken like ventilation in the outdoor area and dehumidifiers used in the cabins can make sure that the effects are acceptable by the standards. Many world-famous paint companies are promoting related inspection standards and paint systems for the mist-gritblasting treated surface.
Currently, Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd has accomplished the manufacturing and commissioning of the first ten sets of water-mist gritblasting equipment. Since May, this technology has been adopted in the gritblasting for decks, hatch coamings, and outdoor area of the accommodations etc. In the meanwhile, the manufacturing and commissioning of the second sets are being undertaken following tight schedule to make sure that this technology and equipment are fully used in the area smaller than 50% of the shell for the dock repair after this June 25. By the end of this year, we aim that it can be used for the whole gritblasting in the dock and all the cargo holds of the bulk carriers. Additionally, we are endeavoring for the pilot application of water-based paint in ship repair and issuing the preliminary Working Instruction Standards within this year. The company will apply for a patent and organize a joint review for the wet-mist gritblasting and issue the enterprise standards after passing it.
As a complex and systematic project, ship repair and newbuilding is tending to be more socialized and globalized. The green ship repair and newbuilding is more like an ideology than a production mode and will generate more social profits by protecting our environment. Chengxi benefits so much from our scientific invention so as to feel more responsible share our useful experience with the whole ship industries for the development of shipping business and human happiness.
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