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“Donnacona” departed after self-unloading conversion project


Chengxi Shipyard, May 11th---“Donnacona”departed fromChengxi Shipyard after over 100 days’ efforts by Chengxi. The ex of the self-unloading vessel is a 2,7000dwt conveyor belt type self-unloader, 166.7M in LOA, 24.74M in breadth, 14M in depth, registered in LR.  The conversion work involved is almost one of the most complicated and extensive projects in recent years, including installing new shiploader, upgrading self-unloading system, electrical system renewal, communication system renewal, upgrading ballast system and stripping system, installing four sets of winches, upgrading air filtration system, remote control system and level gauging systems, routine dock repair, steel work of 650 tons, installing bow & side thrusters, steering gear, rudder, rudder stock etc. The unloading rate is increased by over 50%.
The successful redelivery of -“Donnacona”, indicates Chengxi Shipyard’s dedication to hi-tech & high value-added repair, especially to specialized self-unloading conversion projects.

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