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The World’s First 7,800DWT Asphalt Tanker Delivered by Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd


 Yangtze River Delta---the most economically dynamic city of China.
Jiangyin---one of the top 100 counties with economic competitiveness for fourteen consecutive years.
Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd----the key enterprise devoted to newbuilding &ship repair under CSSC.

"BLACK DUCK”---the first 7,800dwt asphalt tanker in the world.
Taking the development opportunity of “ the Belt and Road Initiative” by government and the “combination of commercial, design and production” strategy by CSSC, Chengxi Shipyard is trying to keep pace with the international market and striving for breakthrough in the process of  its transformation.
Thanks to the hard work of Chengxi people in the past three hundred and thirty days, the company has welcomed the birth of a great vessel “BLACK DUCK” as the first 7,800dwt asphalt tanker in the world, which will set sail from Yangtze River.
“BLACK DUCK”is an eco-designed asphalt tanker built by Chengxi Shipyard for KUMIAISENPAKU. It is 119M in LOA, 20.4M in breadth, 10.65M in depth, and registered in ABS Classification. It has the service speed of 13.24 knots at which the endurance can reach 12,000nm, capable of navigating in unrestricted service. The great ship is designed to have two independent cargo tanks for carrying oil products (F.P. >60℃)and bitumen with cargo temperature up to 200℃。The eight tanks can carry three different kinds of products. The edge-cutting design in the cargo system and the easy barging system offer convenient operation and maintenance. The double valve isolation used for the pipes with different products ensures the safety. Two sets of liquid cargo pump with capacity of 500cubic meter per hour by frequency control can serve as stripping pump, which not only greatly deduces the cargo handling time, but also saves equipment maintenance costs for installing the stripping pump.
 Additionally, the line and resistance of this vessel have been optimized by CFD, the noise and vibration have been predicted and controlled in model test and operation test. Compared with the designed index, very satisfactory results were achieved with service speed of 13.24 knots, main engine fuel oil consumption of 172.5g/kwh, the noise and vibration measured in accordance with the requirements of the latest rules and regulations. In the four and a half days’ sea trial, it passed the performance test, M/E endurance test, M/E remote control test, steering test, EEDI test, unattended machinery space test for six hours, side thruster test and was approved. The excellent construction quality and performance in sea trial were highly praised by owners and site team.
Since its steel cutting on July 6, and keel laying on October 25 of 2016, till the launching on January 27, and sea trial on April 25 of 2017, each milestone of this great ship is so vivid in everyone’s memory. Faced with various difficulties in building the first ship, all Chengxi people worked hard in collaborative force. They enhanced communications with owners and classifications, made construction technology plan in advance based upon their construction characters, conducted plenty of technology researches, optimized staging erection methods, and modified multiple structure and system issues. The precision control was adopted for the whole vessel to achieve the installation of limit device at the tank bottom with zero error. They accomplished integrity studies on independent liquid cargo tanks, studies & applications on integral hoisting, and new solutions on hot oil pipe fabrications & installations, and cargo tank isolation design etc. By delivering this satisfactory ship to owner, we demonstrate our corporation faith: repair & build each ship well, and devote us to the improvement of shipping business and human happiness.
Tough times never last, but tough people do. Chengxi Shipyard is on its way to faster growth. The delivery of “BLACK DUCK”, the first 7,800dwt asphalt tanker in the world, will definitely enhance the brand influence of Chengxi New building. Chengxi Shipyard, will devote itself to building small/medium-range tankers, gaining greater access to newbuilding market.
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